Ancient Luxembourg

Luxembourg - an ancient picturesque city, located in the area of ​​the merger of two small rivers - Alzette and Petrus. The city is divided into 24 districts, but tourists are only interested in 4 of them:

The Ville Haute, the historic center of Luxembourg.

Ville Basse, located on the opposite bank of the Alzete River. Numerous banks, board companies and breweries occupy a significant part of the Lower Town area.

Station (Gare), which is a 15-minute walk south of the Upper City. There are many restaurants, cafes and shops.

Kirchberg is a modern part of the city with a lot of buildings in the European Union.

Due to the fact that the river Alzet divides the city into two parts - Upper and Lower - the city is full of bridges. The most picturesque bridges of Adolf and the Grand Duchess of Charlotte.

Every tourist who has visited Luxembourg has to walk through the picturesque Royal Boulevard and Ring of Parks, a half-circle surrounding the ancient city center. Other interesting places: Post Montagny Avenue and Monterey Avenue departing from Gamlylius Square; Army Square; Chateau Waldbilig; small passage on the square of William II.

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