Traditional Ukrainian Food you must to try


One of the main traditional dishes is borscht - a red soup based on vegetables and meet.. Borscht is cooked of fresh cabbage, beet, tomato, pounded lard, garlic, parsley. The combination of all these groceries give the borscht its piquancy, aroma and unforgettable taste.Traditionally, every Ukrainian girl learns how to cook borscht before getting married.


Salo, consisting of cured slabs of fatback, is usually used as a separate dish. Ukrainian lard is a real delicacy for many foreign guests. It is eaten in several forms: fresh, salted, stewed, boiled, smoked or fried. it's hard to imagine a Ukrainian dinner without fat at all.


Dumplings are made from unleavened dough with the most diverse fillings, boiled and steamed. The main highlight of this Ukrainian dumplings is dough. The filling can be very different: cheese, potato, fruit, mushroom or meat. To the dumplings must be served cracklings and sour cream.

Chicken Kyiv

The combination of fresh chicken filet with a piece of butter. The chicken Kyiv is served in fashionable restaurants all over the world . It is one of the first dishes ordered by foodies visiting the Ukraine.


Another dish from Hutsul cuisine is banosh (or banush).This is not only corn porridge. The secret is in what it is seasoned: when cooking, add sour cream or cream, and put fried bacon and cheese on top.

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