Visiting Kiev on the way to Chernobyl

isiting Chernobyl, don't miss out on Kiev. Country's capital is a city that worth more than just a fleeting glace - different choice of cuisine from around the world, extraordinary Soviet architecture paired with modern design buildings and locals with enough kindness to go around. It's hardly to say that you'll find in Kyiv the same kind of charm that you might encounter ia a romantic city like Paris or Venice, but it's still there in its won special way.

A must to visit place is one of the oldest districts of Kiev - The Podil.

The Podil is positioned as the cultural district of Kiev, here you'll find hip cafes and a contemporary creative scene. As such, this neighborhood offers some unique local flavor, and it's a breathing space from the hustle along Kyiv's main street, Khreshchatyk. Simply wandering the cobblestone streets, admiring the architecture of the many churches, residental buildings and visiting a cozy cafes gives you a sense of what life is like for local people. On Vozdvizhenskaya street you'll also find a design-forward hotels, Manna Boutique Hotel is one of these. At your choice 7 ART rooms, each with a unique design, are at your disposal. In MaNNa Boutique Hotel will make your stay in Kiev really unforgettable and enjoyable!

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