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Pop Dog Room

This is a room in which you will certainly want to try

something new. Coziness, space, light, atmosphere of love - it is so easily combined here. Room for those who challenge a serious philosophical approach to life and are open to experiments.

The bold design is made in the best shades of gray.

Gray is not boring, it's spectacular.

Coco Room

Room for true connoisseurs of art in all its manifestations.

Coziness and comfort await you here. Modern decor elements will create a pleasant atmosphere for a good rest.

This room is for creative people who turn ordinary things into

an art object. The combination of warm and cold tones will not leave fans of exquisite design indifferent.


Aqua Room

The room combines an elegant interior style and home comfort. The best materials, exquisite furniture - everything for guests looking for seclusion in a special romantic atmosphere.

A spacious bathroom with a tropical shower and a bathtub give the room a special charm thanks to the open plan, where each element of the decor flows smoothly into the other.

Botan Room

The room is made in a modern Ukrainian adaptation of "loft" and "grunge" styles combined with modern elements. This is a place where every detail evokes a sense of practicality and brevity.

You can enjoy seclusion in the very center of the city after a hard day without leaving your room. A small library, a cozy sofa and a pot of tea - what could be better for connoisseurs

of quiet evenings?

3 — копия.JPG

Art Hut

This is a space of freedom for your creativity. The room is made in the best traditions of art workshops. Decorated with hand-painted paintings, it will immerse you in harmony with nature.

A room in which you will definitely want to pick up a brush and paints to realize your ideas on canvas. Millions of little things will inspire you to be creative.

Paint Room

A new design, a new look at recreation. Bright colors on the walls seem to permeate the room with an atmosphere of creativity and self-expression. This is a spacious room with a view of the inner courtyard, from the windows of which there is a picturesque view of the European quarter with elegant houses and narrow streets.


Wood Room

Eco-room for connoisseurs of Ukrainian property.

The wonderful interweaving of branches and the play of shadows will create for you the atmosphere of a mysterious forest in the very center of the city. The Ukrainian flavor in the new reading will certainly surprise you. The combination of modern design and traditional decor will remain in your memories for a long time.

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